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Why do people in Stockholm prefer to take the stairs over the escalator? Why do Londoners enjoy hanging out at bus stops? How to carmakers convince us to buy gas-guzzling, environmentally damaging, wallet-draining machines? It's called the fun theory. What Darrin Nordahl illustrates in this delightful book is that transit can be just as inviting, exciting, and even seductive as the automobile, if designed with the passenger experience in mind.

Throughout the world, creative campaigns, appurtenances, and circulators are being devised to woo the entrenched motorist. The common denominator in each of these strategies is a single, positive emotion: joy. In Making Transit FUN!, Nordahl shows that with the help of architects, urban designers, graphic artists, industrial engineers, marketing experts--and even fashion designers--we can steer people away from their automobiles and toward healthier, more sustainable methods of transportation.

Each chapter demonstrates how the transit stigma can be overcome with innovative design. From the aesthetics of buses to separated bike lanes and pedestrian-priority streets, Nordahl showcases examples from around the world that excite the heart and bring an easy smile.



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"[Nordahl] might just get motorists thinking that they are missing out on something fun by driving."

-Kelly Nelson, Carbusters

"Nordahl's book is a reminder that transit has only lost when it aims low. We should always be looking for joy, even on the bus."

-Sarah Goodyear, The Atlantic Cities

"[This] potent new e-book, Making Transit FUN!, has all the enthusiasm for buses, trains, and bike lanes that its title's exclamation point implies. Can transit incorporate art? Yes! How about playground equipment? You bet. Oh yeah baby."

-Scott Carlson, Grist