Darrin Nordahl is a dynamic speaker and writer on issues of food, public transit, and city design. Born in Oakland, California, Darrin grew up in the quirky yet stunningly beautiful cosmopolis known as the Bay Area, where local food and diverse cuisine were staples in his diet. Intrigued with a different sense of what it is to be an American, Darrin emigrated to Iowa in 2006, and spent six years immersed in a new culture and an extraordinary landscape. Both places have profoundly shaped Darrin's work, which is best described as a mélange of “Left Coast” idealism and Midwest pragmatism.

Darrin's books have been featured in a wide media continuum, from The American Conservative to Jezebel, the sex, fashion, and gossip website for women. His articles have appeared on CNN and The Huffington Post, and he has been interviewed by NPR, Bloomberg News, The Globe and Mail, as well as television, radio, and newspapers throughout the United States and Canada.

Darrin speaks to audiences across North America, showcasing how innovative urban concepts--like growing food in public spaces or making transit fun--can enrich city life. He reasons that thoughtful design of city spaces help improve the quality of the environment, our health, and our social connections, bettering both the individual and society.

For press inquiries or to request a review copy of one of Darrin's books, please contact Jaime Jennings, Publicity Manager at jjennings@islandpress.org or 202.232.7933 x44.

For speaking inquiries or other requests, you may contact Darrin directly at dnordahl@darrinnordahl.com